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Far Infra-Red Sauna and far Infra-Red Heat Therapy Mats

What are the benefits of a Far Infrared sauna?

Far Infrared is a section of the natural bank of light that is not visible to the human eye, but can be felt as heat. Unlike the high heat produced in traditional saunas, far infrared is able to penetrate the body to a depth of 1.5 to 2 inches. Far Infrared stimulates the body’s cellular detoxification process more effectively than a traditional sauna. For pain relief, Far Infrared heat dilates blood vessels, increasing blood circulation to injured areas, speeding up the healing process and relieving pain.

Sometimes when you step outside into the sun you can feel warmth overcome you from the inside out. This feeling is caused by FIR, an invisible light which is on the opposite side of the spectrum of harmful ultraviolet rays. It is the same light that plants use to photosynthesize in order to feed. This plant dependency of FIR can be found in the human body as well. That resonating feeling you get from these rays speaks to our bodies need for rays of sunlight. That warm feeling can be harnessed to improve our wellness.

The sun, our bodies, and our hands are always emitting FIR. In the past, it was this discovery that led us to healing methods involving the placement of palms over ailing areas of the body, or palm healing. This has evolved to what is now known as Reiki, a form of therapy that utilizes the energy from palms to assist in body’s natural process. Science has been able to focus FIR and utilize them to improve our wellness levels.

For those who are opposed to doctor prescribed medications, FIR is an alternative approach that supports other forms of therapy. Far infrared therapy can do so much.

We have options for the use of the Sauna. Single use pricing are as follows:

First three treatments are 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing in time with use up to 30 minutes. Temperature settings begin at 110 and gradually increase to 130, or as tolerated. Robes (or you can wear loose fitting clothing) and a shower afterwards are available during and after treatment. We do require client’s wear at least a light robe in the sauna.

10 - 20 minutes


20 - 30 minutes

Package special, purchase 3 or more treatments and receive a 10% discount.
Far Infrared Suana
Specific DETOXIFICATION PACKAGES are available

Beginner’s Package

Total sessions - 5
Total Minutes - 100
This package is designed to safely increase time and heat as you begin Far Infrared Sauna Therapy. The first session is 10 minutes. Heat will increase from 100-110 degrees F. The door to the sauna can remain open during your first session. This will keep the heating elements engaged and working while not allowing the sauna to heat up too fast or too hot. You will still experience the benefits of detoxification, since it is the invisible light, not the heat that is important. The fifth and final session will be a 30 minute session that begins at 110 degrees F and reaches 130 degrees F.

Client tracking will focus on toxic symptoms, hydration and allowing the body to release heavy metals and chemicals at a safe rate. It is imperative to condition the body to Far Infrared Therapy without detoxifying too fast. Once you are conditioned, simple scheduling for additional packages can begin.

Advanced Package

(This package includes a discount of 15% )
Total sessions - 12
Total Minutes - 360

The Advanced Package is for a month detox. Sauna use will be scheduled for 30 minutes three times a week for one month. Each package starts at 110 degrees F and reaches 130 degrees F.

Client tracking focuses on Far Infrared health benefits, release of heavy metals and chemicals from the fat cells, enhanced immune health, cardiovascular conditioning, stress relief, weight loss, elimination of brain fog, increased circulation, pain relief and healing, reduced inflammation, improved energy, better sleep, lessened headaches and depression, defense against auto immune disease, removal of mycotoxins* and more.

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by different types of fungus, belonging mainly to Aspergillus, Penicillium and Fusarium genera. The high toxicity and carcinogenicity of mycotoxins and their ability to increase various pathological symptoms can become “toxic”. They commonly enter the food chain through contaminated food and feed crops, mainly cereals. The presence of mycotoxins in food and feed can lead to serious acute and chronic effects on the health of humans as well as animals. Mycotoxin analysis of food and feed is therefore necessary and often required by legislation.

What is Far Infrared Mat Therapy?

The mat contains crushed gemstones that work with the FIR technology. When FIR penetrates 6 inches into the skin, it transforms from light energy into heat energy. This not only benefits the muscles but all cells and tissues, including blood vessels, lymph glands and nerves in the deepest part of the body.

This revolutionary tool is for anyone interested in improving their overall health and well-being. It helps reduce stress, inflammatory response and toxic insult, while supporting alkaline balance and lymphatic movement.

Additionally, our FIR Bio mat* emits negative ions and transforms positive ions into negative ions energizing, alkalizing and relaxing, enhancing blood purification and vitality. You may also notice benefits of improved mood and alertness due to increased serotonin levels.

*Mary has this mat on her massage table and as her client you can enjoy and receive deep relaxation and detoxifying benefit during your massage. Many clients prefer this treatment to a hot stone massage!

  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieves joint pain and stiffness
  • Eliminates toxins in the body
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Alleviates migraines and tension headaches
  • Improves immune system function

Emit negative ions and transforms positive ions into negative ions energizing, alkalizing and relaxing, enhancing blood purification and vitality. You may also notice benefits of improved mood and alertness due to increased serotonin levels.

Before and during your Far Infrared Mat session

You will want to arrive hydrated. Unless you are also receiving a massage, you can be fully clothed in comfortable clothes and will be in a private room to enjoy your relaxed state, surrounded by calming music. If you wish, we may include therapeutic diffused oils.

After your Far Infrared Mat session

Directly after your session, it is important to sit for a few minutes and drink a glass of water to help your body through the energetic changes. Over the next few days you may have more energy or feel a lack of energy. Both are normal, but if you feel a lack of energy, it is because your body is cleansing and restoring at deep cellular levels, which uses a lot of energy. By drinking plenty of fluids you will assist your body to easily go through the healing process.

Patented for Infrared Technology Combination of 3 Therapies


Gain a complete wellness experience with a combination of these therapies. Rejuvenate your body from the inside out when you receive the benefits of Heat, FIR & Negative Ion therapies.

Highest Quality Materials and Labor

Include in your wellness experience with a clear mind knowing that our mats are certified (including being FDA registered) and guarantee that only the highest quality if technology and medical-grade materials are used in our mats.

Courtesy of HealthylineTM

Functional Layers

Every details of enhancing your wellness is skillfully crafted into each layer of our devices. Everything is considered from your safety and comfort to the impact of each therapy included in our mats.

Certified Semi-Precious Stones

Experience history’s oldest and most natural remedies for the mind, body, and soul. Feel the benefits of our semi-precious & crushed gem stones.

Advanced EMF Protection

Feel protected with our mats advanced EMF shielding measures. Each mat goes through intensive testing prior to going to market to ensure that you are safe while using our devices.

FIR Temporarily Alleviates Minor Muscle and Joint Pain
FIR Temporarily Alleviates Minor Muscle and Joint Pain
The most common use of far infrared ray therapy is to assist the body in temporarily relieving minor muscle and joint pain. FIR slightly increases the temperature of the surface level of your body. This may help to deliver more oxygen to the places and areas of the body that require the most attention to maximize your wellness levels. This therapy is particularly beneficial for people that suffer from Arthritis, lower back pain, or even just your everyday aches. Far infrared rays are more effective for pain relief than traditional heating pads because their rays penetrate 4-6 inches below the surface level of the skin.
FIR May Help Detoxify Your Body

Far infrared rays function very successfully when it comes to natural detoxification. They can help the body reduce water retention, and eliminate metals. As a result of better wellness, people often see a reduction in fatigue and an improvement in their focus and energy levels. These toxins cannot be expelled instantly, so they accumulate in our bodies, encapsulated in water molecules. These trapped toxins lead to blocked blood circulation, impaired cellular energy, and illness. When we are exposed to FIR waves, the molecules trapping toxins inside us vibrate and break apart, and are expelled through  sweating, urine & the blood caused by FIR heat therapy. FIR is a safe and effective way to detoxify and is considered seven times more effective than steam saunas or conventional heat.

FIR May Help Detoxify Your Body
FIR Helps Reduce Minor Pain and Stiffness
FIR Helps Reduce Minor Pain and Stiffness

There are multiple ways to receive FIR treatment that revolve around improving your general quality of life. The two most common are far infrared saunas and far infrared mats. Saunas are great for assisting in the management of symptoms of joint pain and inflammation. FIR saunas also have a secondary function of helping your body remove toxins without sweating as in the older versions of the saunas. Recent studies published in Clinical Rheumatology found that far infrared saunas can reduce muscular pain and stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis patients. While infrared saunas are not easily accessible for many people, FIR mats provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness (especially pain associated with arthritis), the temporary relief of muscle spasms and sprains, and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied. Mats are best used on a bed or massage table and can even be used throughout the night for overnight wellness-restoring intentions. By having access to an infrared mat at home, you can trap the heat with a mylar blanket and create your own personal sauna experience. We can assist you if you wish to purchase your own FIR mat.

FIR Helps Relieve Minor Back Pain Symptoms
Muscular back pain relief is one of the most exciting FIR therapy research areas. If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, you know that most treatment options are risky and require long-term recovery periods. However, FIR mats have been shown in studies to provide temporary minor pain relief in the lower back when applied daily. FIR therapy is a drug-free, surgery-free option to manage some of the symptoms associated with chronic muscular back pain.
FIR Helps Relieve Minor Back Pain Symptoms
FIR May Help Alleviate Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue
FIR May Help Alleviate Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue
FIR can help provide comfort and improve quality of life for those living with chronic fatigue syndrome. If you are searching for answers to your struggle with CFS, FIR therapy may be beneficial for multiple symptoms affecting you. Research indicates that consistent daily thermal therapy (including FIR therapy) has promising benefits for CFS patients. FIR therapy can support your efforts to improve your energy levels, maximize your comfort, and minimize minor aches and pains associated with CFS.
FIR Improves Overall Wellness
Anyone seeking a non-pharmaceutical solution for boosting mood and reducing symptoms of chronic pain should consider FIR therapy. Thermal therapy has been used for years as a drug-free treatment for chronic pain patients. Researchers at Japan’s Nishi Kyusyu University discovered that infrared sauna heat therapy can have a significant impact on chronic pain sufferers’ overall well-being and ability to function. Whether you are suffering from pain or overall sickness, FIR therapy can help restore your wellness levels and live more comfortably.
FIR Improves Overall Wellness