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Percussion Therapy

What is Percussion Massage Therapy?

Percussive Massage Therapy is done using a professional tool that is one of the most successful systems for athletes, weekend warriors and active teens/adults in the industry. It uses fast, but adjustable vibration levels, over a short amount of time that can effectively treat large deep muscles as well as small, painful knots in “hard to reach” areas. The continuous “taps” help muscles let go of their tension so that you can relax and heal. Massage therapists do use manual percussion and vibration techniques, but this system can work faster and deeper than a therapist can.

Percussion Therapy

What are the benefits?

To put it simply, the treatment is relaxing and effective.

Percussion therapy stimulates muscle fibers surrounding sore muscle tissues and can help to break down adhesions and internal scarring from repeated movements, working out, or an injury.

Connective tissue, or fascia, envelopes everything in your body: arteries, bones, nerves, organs, muscles. This fascia cushions and holds in place what it surrounds and helps keep it safe. An injury or repeated movements of specific muscles/tendons/joints, like a pitcher repeatedly throwing a baseball, can cause this connective tissue to tighten, creating scar tissue or adhesions. This can limit range of motion, and can be quite painful.

Helps Sore Muscles Heal Faster

Percussive massage therapy helps sore muscles heal faster, after a strenuous workout, by improving blood circulation to the muscles. Because blood can then move more efficiently through the vascular system, oxygen can too. Increased oxygen flow helps lessen muscle cramps which aids in healing and recovery.

Can Percussion therapy help with cellulite?

Yes, as an added benefit with both massage and percussion therapy, and with regular visits, both can actually improve the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite develops when fat cells accumulate around fiber tissues connected to your muscles. The dimpling on your skin is those fat cells getting pushed up to the surface. The vibration-al  pulsing massage and percussive therapy causes these fat cells to break apart and the lymphatics can help to remove the cellulite.

Improved Drainage of the Lymphatic System

Similar to the way oxygen moves through the vascular system, lymph travels through the muscular system. Proper drainage of lymph is important because it allows the body to rid itself of toxins and waste.

When the body is able to remove these unwanted materials, organs function normally, and your immune systems improves. A healthier immune system means a healthier you. One other plus to a draining lymphatic system is a boosted metabolism.

And finally...

Our most popular option, for our clients, is to have the percussion massage first and then have a therapeutic “hands on” massage immediately after. The results are incredible and you will love how you feel!

The second option is to have the vibrational massage, alone, which lasts about 30-40 mintues. After a workout we can we can relax your sore muscles and help you to not be as sore over the next couple of days. Professional athletes use the Percussion system for muscle cramping as well as during and post workout soreness.