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Skin Care Services & Pricing

Skin Care FacialOur skin is the largest organ of our body. The one part of our body, that we see every day, is our face. Not only does it protect us, it also reflects our inner and outer health.  Sadly, the skin can be drastically affected by sun, environment, lack of sleep, dehydration, yo-yo dieting, medications, harsh or non-existent quality skin care, or simply over-indulgence and/or eating and drinking things that are not the best for our bodies. Salty foods, allergies, alcohol, and smoking, for example, can be reflected in puffy eyes, lack-luster, wrinkled and dehydrated skin. We tend to be very hard on ourselves and whether negative changes are temporary or permanent, it can affect our over-all self-esteem and opinions of ourselves.

Who can benefit from a facial

Facials can benefit any skin type from Fitzpartick I (fair) to Fitzpatrick 6 (very dark) and any age from pre-teens to older men and women. European countries are more likely to teach their children about skin care at any early age. American’s start to worry about skin care when acne is an issue at puberty or later in life when the toll of neglect or sun damage is noticeable. Aestheticians are trained to really look at your skin and help you to decide how you keep your healthy skin, or regain your skin’s health and appearance.

Unfortunately, our lives are extremely busy and often we skip skin care thinking that it won’t make a difference, worry if there are too many steps involved, or think that just using water will be good enough. We need to take a few minutes to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and even pollution, that can affect our skin.

Using a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and sun screen are basic necessities that can be kept simple, yet beneficial. There are many benefits to monthly facials since normal turn over for our skin, until about our later 20’s, is 28 days. For each decade after that, our skin takes longer and longer to produce healthy cells and the appearance of dead skin cells gives us a dull and dehydrated look. Facials help to stimulate collagen and elastin as well as cellular turnover. Let us help you bring out the best in you.

Acne skin, or problematic skin, has more of a build up of “sticky” cells that are trapped in excessive sebum. Excessive sebum and bacteria, in the skin, creates an “infection response” from the body. This in turn creates a cycle of blemishes and breakouts. We use gentle, but therapeutic products to calm the skin, slow sebum buildup and dissolve the “sticky” cells. Light therapy is also used to control the bacteria and control the “infection response”. Depending on the severity of the acne, we recommend either weekly or bi-weekly treatments, until the skin improves.

Benefits of classic facials:

1. Cleanses your skin

Professional facials, use customizable products based on how your skin appears that day. We carefully and evaluate your skin and create a plan to address any issues. We can also determine whether your home care products are causing irritation or excessive dryness, or oiliness, for example.

2. Stress Reduction

Part of the facial process is the facial massage. Not only is this very relaxing, but it also affects the hundreds of pressure points on the face. The facial massage helps with cellular regeneration, detoxification, lymphatic movement, collagen and elastin stimulation, increased blood circulation and product absorption. It will also reduce stress and improve your overall mood at the same time.

3. Improve Acne

Acne is a problem that can occur at different times in our lives. Heredity, testosterone levels/hormones, stress and diet are major culprits in this skin issue.

Using overly harsh skin care products, squeezing and wearing heavy makeup can help to aggravate the skin and can cause further problems such as scarring or discoloration of the damaged area. Our facials help to calm the skin and the professional extractions are far less damaging to the skin as well as the inflamed pores. Aggressive squeezing can actually break open the pore, below the skin, and spread acne bacteria to other pores. Our professional facials work well with antibiotics or other topical medications prescribed by your doctor. Our aestheticians have worked for many years in professional offices including Dermatology, OB/GYN and Plastic Surgery  and understand the frustration with skin issues and acne skin. Home care is important and can be customized to your skin. Note: cystic acne should be treated by a physician for cyst removal.

4. Blackhead (open comedone), pustules, and whitehead (milia) removal:

Facials include extractions that are much easier to achieve with professional products and steam that softens clogged pores, congestion, hardened oil or proteins in pores. As regular facials are scheduled, the skin will become more cooperative and allow us to remove these issues easily. They can be difficult to properly remove at home. 

Services & Pricing


Classic Exfoliating and Hydrating Facial


Classic Customized Anti-Aging Facial

60-75 min/$85-$95
This wonderful facial can include derma-blading with customized peels to exfoliate and treat the skin at a deeper level. Customized professional product applications will treat, nourish and replenish the skin while improving texture and appearance. We now also have Celluma Light Therapy which is a proven NASA researched technology that stimulates wound healing, collagen, elastin and cellular turnover. *Prices vary based on differences in levels of initial consult and types of service.

Classic Acne Facial with High Frequency or Celluma Light Therapy

60-75 min/$85-$105
Specifically for the needs of those with mild to moderate acne symptoms. Designed to gently cleanse and calm irritated skin while using an anti-bacterial high frequency light treatment or Celluma Light Therapy that focuses directly on blemishes and healing of acne skin. *Prices vary based on customized product.

"Corium" Initial Therapeutic Treatment Consult and Facial

90 min/$140
These facials use medical grade products to improve skin health and appearance using a more aggressive approach . This is for acne, wrinkles, sun damage, etc.

"Corium" Maintenance Therapeutic Facial

90 min/$95

Customized Classic Facial w/Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

90 min/$140

Brow or lash tinting

$15 per area

Mini Classic Facial with Full Body Massage

90 min/$130

Hydrating Classic Facial with Full Body Massage

120 min/$150

Customized Peels with Derma-Blading

60 min/$80-$120+
This treatment begins with Dermablading, followed by a customized peel based on individual client needs. Removes dulling surface cells, helps clear acne prone complexions and improves appearance and texture of skin. *Prices vary depending of level of peel

Exfoliating & Hydrating Body Wraps

Hydrating Body Wraps or Detox wraps which include Swedish Massage

Age Defying Bio-Therapeutic Micro-Current Facial

90 min/$85
The Bio-Therapeutic benefits include the diminished appearance of fine lines, laxity and wrinkles by strengthening the muscles of the face. The treatment also introduces products at a deeper level, using FDA approved technology.
What can you expect: *Smoother, firmer skin *Improved circulation *Hydrated and revitalized skin *Improved elasticity *Improved facial contours
DermaSweep Micro-Dermabrasion

Without infusion

30 min/$90
(Series discounts for 5)

With Infusion

45 min/$125 and up
(Series discounts for 5)

With more aggressive peel

Varies and in addition to pricing above.

DermaSweep is a system that provides an advanced exfoliation with the added benefit of medical grade products that are directly “infused” into the skin.  Our infusions are paraben-free, cutting-edge formulations that include growth factor, peptides, vitamin C, TCA, and hyaluronic acid in potent  combinations to treat and rejuvenate. Comfortable treatment that gives immediate improvement to the skin.

1. Exfoliation-patented technology deeply cleanses and polishes the skin revealing newer, younger skin.

2. Circulation-the powerful vacuum gently lifts away dead cells stimulating blood flow and jump-starting collagen production.  Both oxygenation and lymphatic drainage are enhanced.

3. Infusion-with our combination of vacuum and brush tip resurfacing our skin-specific targeted solutions are delivered more effectively and deeper into the layers of the skin to affect real change.

Peels are also available to boost the exfoliating properties, or to address specific issues, such as acne or sun damage. Mild to moderate down time is possible with the peel/microdermabrasion combination.

Micro-Needling - full face

First treatment requires the purchase of two medical grade stem cell products that must be used for treatment aftercare. Product will usually last through series of treatments needed. (note: price varies on size of area, this price is for full face.)

First treatment

60 min/$525
Includes Stem Cell home care products at $275. Usually lasts through the series of treatments.

Subsequent treatments, if full face

45 min/$250
This treatment is wonderful for wrinkles, scarring, including acne scarring, and for those dreaded lines around the mouth. Specific problem areas or larger areas can be treated. A 1-2 day down time may be possible, depending on the depth and level of treatment. This is a comfortable process, with topical anesthetic included in pricing. Recommend a series of 3-5 treatments depending on severity of scarring, fine lines, etc.